Keys Open Doors

  • Dylan Houser
  • Khari Mateen Photobucket
    My boo Khari Mateen took time out of his uber busy schedule...i.e. writing and performing with Elevator Fight and composing music via cello, guiter, drums..okay using almost every instrument known to man..and rather got tipsy for a little afternoon
  • Van de la Plante Photobucket
    Sheldon was lucky enough to chance upon a vintage eye wear store called Hotel de Ville. The store itself boasted an eclectic collection of vintage frames. Antique furniture gave the store a laid back classic feel while in the center of the store two chairs and a coffee table provided clients with a casual glass of scotch and fine cigar, all while discussing their optical options.
  • i/denti/tee Photobucket
    So let's just say..your favorite lyrics magically appeared on one of your most comfortable tees. And let's say the packaging came in an innovative vinyl cover with all the bells and whistles, including but not limited to free music downloads courtesy of iTunes. No this isn't the future, just i/denti/tee. Your new go to label for the most inspiring phrases Jay-Z, Bob Marley, and U2 have serenaded us with. Yes I said serenaded.
  • DJ EXCELPhotobucket
    As The Killers once sang..We hope you enjoyed your stay It’s good to have you with us, even if it’s just for the day..thankfully we had Excel for a little longer even though as always I was last to know that Philadelphia had one of the best DJ's in this country spinning locally. SMH if you were under the same rock as me.
  • SECRET SOCIETY Photobucket
    I have FINALLY meet my match. Yeps you heard right hands are down, wit is drawn. These youngersters surprise me at every corner. New York must just have different water. For more information do the usual and follow the link above, and ALWAYS remember I before C except after SECRET.
  • Hustle Simmons Photobucket
    My favorite attributes in the entire world is being humble and creative. I scored when I was introduced to Hussle Simmons a musical littérateur, and friend of a friend. Don't you love how that just happens?
  • Format Boutique Photobucket
    Format carries lines such as Twelve Bar, Staple, Animal..oh and NIKE. DUH! But all jokes aside I am tre impressed with the layout, marketing scheme, and owners of this store. Queens must be proud.
    You'll be kicking yourself later for not getting familiarized with this label. Not that it needs any more hype, but it's been given the Petite stamp of approval, non refundable of course.
  • Phil Leon Photobucket
    Don't you wish some one told you about Deep Sleep before you spent all your heard earned cash at H&M "throwing" together an outfit. Well I'm going to save you from making the same mistakes I did in my youth. The mecca for all things Wrath Arcane, Nooka, Steven Shein and more.
  • Linda Symth Photobucket
    The perfect accessory and defense mechanism in one, what more can a girl ask for. These conversation pieces go with every night out, first date, and post traumatic breakup. Sad but true.
  • tU pHAce Photobucket
    Awh man. Entertainer, singer, and rapper tU pHAce has broken the genre barrier with his melodic beats and soul stirring lyrics. His style not only resonates in your ears, but has the mind pumping to the same hook. I suggest the whole playlist. Start to finish.
  • Rah Crawford Photobucket
    Rah Crawford has recently collaborated with author Paul Von Sarjay, on the novel TONGUES: THE AWAKENING, producing art work for the cover and storyline. His exhibition titled I AM A MAN can also be seen at the MoCADA Museum the 25th of Sept. Brooklyn stand up.
  • Jaimz Deen Photobucket
    Hope your ready for the sound check revolution. If not, prepare yourself with a daily dosage of Jaimz Deen.
  • ?uestlove Photobucket
    Every sneaker was sold out that night, but maybe if your lucky someone, somewhere has an extra one they'll sell. Once your done daydreaming check out UBIQ's page for kicks you can actually get your hands on
  • Anthony Henderson Photobucket
    Anthony is currently working on Philadelphia's Fashion Week which will be nothing less then impressive. Philly Fashion Week is the 19th, 20th, and 21st of Sept.
  • Bela Shehu Photobucket
    Bela Shehu is currently the Senior Designer for Zahra Saeed, but one can easily own a piece of her jewelry line Agony featured on
  • Robin Dutt Photobucket
    Robin is currently collaborating with MONOGRAPH, his books are also available on AMAZON under his given name
  • Chester French Photobucket
    Okay I'm really feeling the track "She loves Everybody" and I'm an indie junkie myself but this group steps out of the normal circle by referencing dimes and fattys in the track "People". Pure hilarity but don't take my word for it


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December 09, 2010


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Unless it's Brand NEW

  • ABAKUS TAKEOUT Photobucket
    Here's another sneaker hole in the wall joint that I just recently heard about...sorry I'm late but it's was definitely worth the anticipation. I like the whole "theme" of the store and website and totally "get" what their saying..oh who am I kidding anything incorporated with food has my heart..and wallet.
  • Club 49 Photobucket
    This place is not only uber quant..but uber all retail spaces in London it's also extra cosy but I guess that helps with the vibe not to mention the club's exclusivity. Ladies flirt flirt flirt with everyone at the just wait in line.
  • El Vez Photobucket
    Now that I'm back in the City of Brotherly Violence, I am yearning for a Nacho Mama. A plus of eating at this Mexican theme restaurant is that amount of eats you get for what you pay. I'm a fan. Everyone I associate with is a fan. How can you go wrong.
  • KOKO Photobucket
    Ofcourse the good stuff rolls around when I'm about to leave..but no worries as KOKO offers musical treats year round. They've recently partnered up with iTunes to host a plethora..yes plethora of talents. Just recently peeped the N.E.R.D show minus Chad...j/k
  • LOOKBOOK Photobucket
    I don't usually write about other sites, considering my fear of competition, or lack of. But I couldn't hid this from my loyal readers so here it is. A little something to help you pick out the first day of school outfit or a winning your long lost love, for the night, back.
  • RAW Photobucket
    Maki fever has hit me heard and let's just say I'm in no hurry to cure it. Potentially copious amount of raw fish can be harmful, but whose worrying about that when it taste oh so good.
  • SILK CITY Photobucket
    I'm going to be honest, I don't go here to eat. Yet who has time for that when you're grinding to some heavy rotation. For those who are over the pickup club scene this hipster lounge is the place to be at. I recommend Thursday nights but then again feel free to wear your welcome out any other night.
  • The Gourmet Burger Photobucket
    Okay so this is the place I've been raving about and spending most of my time at. It's a really simple yet decandent restaurant with self-serve components that give it a less hyped up feel. The price point can't be beat in terms of what you pay for and the milshakes including the food are literally out of this world. I recommend the Avacado Bacon. Perfect for any foodie.
  • The Wallace CollectionPhotobucket
    When I first walked in the immediate thought was..Kimora's house is definitely bigger then this. But what The Wallace Collection features, Kimora could never get her hands on. The personal diaries of the residents and the sex calendar of a certain Queen, just to name a few items. People really lived in pure opulence back then and for a few hours you can imagine you do to.
  • TOPSTITCH Photobucket
    Okay okay I interned there, but not all interns live to tell their tell. Mine of course turned out to be life altering. A little deep but what else can I say to describe a group of ladies who helped cultivate the existence of petite anglaise. Plus their merchandise..well just ask Santagold.